Why clean your bicycle?

Regularly cleaning your bicycle has many benefits; you can spot any underlying issues, components last longer, which saves you money, the bike will run more efficiently and you will look and feel great! And bonus no more attempts at cleaning your bicycle in the bath!

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Saves you money

Want to save even more money by riding you bike?

Cleaning your bike regularly will prolong the life of components, and spot faults soon, avoiding costly repair bills.


improved efficiency

Trouble changing gear and brakes unresponsive?

A clean bike keeps the drivetrain running smoothly and stops it getting clogged up with dirt and grim. You won’t have to work as hard while pedalling and can enjoy the ride more!

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Keeps you safe

Worried that squeaking is something more serious?

A clean bike means you can see any faults or failure points, take action early and prevent accidents. Cleaning wheels and tyres means you can spot rim and tyre wear quickly and remedy before you suffer with puncture repairs!

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YOu Look Great

Want to turn some heads?

Who doesn’t want to have a sparkling frame and components and ride with confidence on a bike that feels like new!