Blue Patch Awards 2019

The mission of Ride Clean is to enable more people to ride bikes more often, we have four key pillars that we have built the company from, one of which, sustainability. The bicycle has often been hailed at the most democratic mode of transport and it certainly helped to emancipate women in the 19th century as well as mobilising all sectors of society, providing independence.

Caring for your machine not only saves you money as you prolong the life of the components, but it will also reduce the waste and the impact on the wider environment. This is at the core of what we are providing for our customers, so they can enjoy the myriad of benefits that riding a bike can give you and wider environment.

From day one we have taken steps to consider our supply chain and operations to align with our mission. We use Cargo Bikes to travel to locations, all our rags are recycled from textile banks - sorted and dispatched in the UK, our cleaning products are sent to us in a concentrate form - reducing plastic used to send them and the transport fuel used. We support The Bike Project by donating a £1/clean to help them with their mission.

This is just a flavour what we are doing behind the scenes and as a result of this we were delighted to be recognised by Blue Patch as a finalist in the 2019 awards in the New Business category.

New Business Award 2019-02.png